Issues » #232

#232 – May 11, 2023

The brief Age of the Worker is over

The pandemic ushered in an era of ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘bare minimum Mondays’ but workers have since lost leverage.

Humane’s new wearable AI demo is wild to watch — and we have lots of questions

The demo is clever, questionably real, and prompts a lot of questions about how this device will actually work.

TV Spatial Navigation

Very often, when developing user interfaces, a lot of focus is given to the visuals, as that’s what primarily gets a user’s attention. However, other aspects are equally impactful for making the experience great but can be overlooked.

The Leverage of LLMs for Individuals

If at this point in time, there are still media outlets boasting or belittling GPT while using ChatGPT as an example instead of GPT-4, then it is not worth reading. You can see the benchmark from OpenAI’s official website.

Infosec company owned by 4chan user

Yesterday evening an anonymous 4chan user dumped a leak, claiming to have completely owned risk visualization company Optimeyes.


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