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#231 – May 10, 2023

Spotify takes down thousands of AI-generated songs

Spotify took down about 7% of tracks from AI startup Boomy, after Universal warned streaming services they were artificially boosted, the FT reported.

Welcome To The NeXT World

Continuing its run of ground-breaking discoveries, the James Webb Space Telescope has snapped the clearest images yet of the dusty disk around the young star Fomalhaut.

The James Webb Space Telescope Reveals Fomalhaut's Disk In Unprecedented Detail

elcome to the NeXT world! We're a group of NeXT fanatics who have gotten together to host a NeXT related Web site.

Language models can explain neurons in language models

We use GPT-4 to automatically write explanations for the behavior of neurons in large language models and to score those explanations. We release a dataset of these (imperfect) explanations and scores for every neuron in GPT-2.


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