Issues » #230

#230 – May 09, 2023

Ancient Earth

Earth looked very different long ago. Search for addresses across 750 million years of Earth's history.

Google making Search more ‘visual, snackable, personal, and human’

AI coming to Google Search is more than a given at this point, and a new report details how the search engine is set for what sounds like a massive overhaul to boost its relevance and match how people are now finding information.

Cyberpunk 2077’s Path Tracing Update

Hardware raytracing acceleration has come a long way since Nvidia’s Turing first introduced the technology. Even with these hardware advances, raytracing is so expensive that most games have stuck to very limited raytracing effects, if raytracing is used at all.

Passkeys: A loss of user control?

A passkey, in essence, is nothing but a cryptographic key pair—a public key and a private key—like you would use with ssh. The major difference between passkeys and ssh keys is how they are managed.


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