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#229 – May 08, 2023

TikTok spied on me. Why?

A Financial Times journalist writes about discovering she’d been surveilled by TikTok.

EU sends Apple stark warning over USB-C charging on new iPhones

We’re all but certain that Apple will be equipping the iPhone 15 and its siblings with USB-C charging ports come September, and a new European Union directive suggests the company will be forced to level the playing field when it comes to charging speeds.

Yet Another Problem With Recycling: It Spews Microplastics

Recycling was already a mess. Now a study finds that one facility may emit 3 million pounds of microplastics a year.

White House proposes 30 percent tax on electricity used for crypto mining

The Biden administration wants to impose a 30 percent tax on the electricity used by cryptocurrency mining operations, and it has included the proposal in its budget for the fiscal year of 2024.

Intel OEM Private Key Leak: A Blow to UEFI Secure Boot Security

The private key (KeyManifest) provided by Intel to OEM has been leaked. These keys pertain to Intel Boot Guard digital signatures


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