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#223 – April 28, 2023

Google Cloud slips over in Europe amid water leak, fire

Google Cloud stopped operating in Paris early on Wednesday morning local time due to "water intrusion," said the off-prem biz, which a day earlier reported profitability for the first time.

How shading crops with solar panels can improve farming, lower food costs and reduce emissions

Canada can meet its carbon emission reduction targets, make food cheap again and open up a gigantic trade surplus with the U.S. by shading farm crops with solar panels.

Mastodon Is Doomed

Mastodon won't be the next Twitter, and it's not because of Bluesky. The ideals and execution won't scale.

Dropbox is laying off 16% of their workforce

Today, Dropbox cofounder and CEO Drew Houston shared the difficult news that we’ll be making reductions to our global workforce. He sent the following email to all employees.

A visual book recommender

Recreating the used bookstore experience via contrastive learning, t-SNE, and 100M book reviews.


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