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#216 – April 19, 2023

Asynchronous Work Report: What knowledge workers want and what’s working

A new survey from Miro offers insight knowledge workers' async work preferences and concerns, which leaders can leverage to build more inclusive workplaces.

Software firms across U.S. facing massive tax bills that threaten tech startup world survival

A change in law for R&D costs blindsided software startups, and income tax bills are so big it may push tech companies under if Congress doesn’t provide a fix.

More ads in Windows 11 Start Menu could be last straw for some

Microsoft is looking for user feedback on ads it's putting into the Windows 11 Start Menu for its products and services. If responses on Reddit is any indication, the response hasn't been great.

The Forgotten Spy Whose Knitting Helped Pave the Way for D-Day

In May 1944, a 23-year-old British secret agent named Phyllis Latour Doyle parachuted into occupied Normandy to gather intelligence on Nazi positions in preparation for D-Day.

Amazon CEO says AWS staff now spending ‘much of their time’ optimizing customers’ clouds

Amazon Web Services sales and support teams are currently “spending much of their time helping customers optimize their AWS spend so they can better weather this uncertain economy.”


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