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#214 – April 17, 2023

‘Overemployed’ Hustlers Exploit ChatGPT To Take On Even More Full-Time Jobs

"ChatGPT does like 80 percent of my job," said one worker. Another is holding the line at four robot-performed jobs. "Five would be overkill," he said.

Get your free Retool Database: a managed PostgreSQL DB + spreadsheet-like data editor (sponsor)

Retool Database gives you all the power of Postgres with the convenience of a spreadsheet. Build apps faster with a fully managed PostgreSQL database—no complex setup required. Create tables and fields by using a spreadsheet-like interface. Upload CSVs. And get 5GB of data storage free for one year.

Low Code Software Development Is A Lie

I've been writing custom software for a long time and one of the things that annoys me most is when a client adopts the position that there is a silver bullet which will reduce or remove the inherent complexity of this task. This happens more often than you'd think and guess what? They are almost always wrong.

Toyota teamed with Exxon to develop lower-carbon gasoline

Toyota is continuing its multi-pronged approach to zero-emissions vehicles through a new cleaner-fuel partnership with Exxon. De-Stresser

A commentary on the overuse of persuasion tactics in e-commerce, and a Chrome Extension to reduce them.


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