Issues » #190

#190 – March 10, 2023

The pitfalls of letting an algorithm set the rent

Many large property owners use rent-pricing software to figure out what to charge their tenants.

PotatoP Is a Lisp-Powered Laptop With a Battery Life Measured in Years

Driven by a microcontroller Lisp port, this laptop-from-scratch project has the eventual goal of unlimited runtime via energy harvesting.

Malvertising on Google Ads: It's Hiding in Plain Site

Criminals are disguising malware as popular software, so users need to think twice before clicking the download button.

Why the floppy disk just won’t die

A surprising number of industries, from embroidery to aviation, still use floppies.

Meta's 'year of efficiency' continues, thousands more expected to be laid off

Meta is not quite finished streamlining its workforce, with plans for another culling of thousands of employees being considered by management.

Van Gogh, AMD’s Steam Deck APU

Zen 2’s launch was a defining moment for AMD. For the first time in many, many years, AMD’s single thread performance could go head to head with Intel’s best.


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