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#189 – March 06, 2023

That time my manager spent $1M on a backup server that I never used

The games industry is weird: It simultaneously lags behind the rest of the tech industry by half-a-decade in some areas and yet it can be years ahead in others.

The Fallacy of AI Functionality

Deployed AI systems often do not work. They can be constructed haphazardly, deployed indiscriminately, and promoted deceptively. However, despite this reality, scholars, the press, and policymakers pay too little attention to functionality.

Study compares drone energy usage to diesel trucks and electric vehicles to determine if the technology saves money

Are drones really energy efficient? That depends on the average wind speed. An Argonne study compares drone energy usage to diesel trucks and electric vehicles and aims to help industry determine if they could save money with drone delivery.

150,000 Laid-Off Tech Workers Fuel Massive Wave Of New Startups

This year did not start off great for many tech workers. After tens of thousands of layoffs in 2022, tech companies continued to shed workers in round after round of layoffs. Technology companies from Microsoft Corp. to Meta Platforms Inc. announced thousands of layoffs at the beginning of the year.

What I Learned Reading 1,000 Investor Reports

I read 1,000 investor reports last year. It’s part of my job. Along the way I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share — from the very basics to some that may surprise you.

Secret Service, ICE break the law over and over with fake cell tower spying

The US Secret Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agencies have failed to follow the law and official policy regarding the use of cell-site simulators, according to a government audit.

Police are getting help from social media sites to prosecute people for abortion

Social media sites are inundated with police requests for user data and may cooperate even if not legally required to, one legal expert told Insider.


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