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#186 – March 01, 2023

Can We Make Bicycles Sustainable Again?

Cycling is the most sustainable form of transportation, but the bicycle is becoming increasingly damaging to the environment. The energy and material used for its production go up while its life expectancy decreases.

The fastest way for developers to build and launch mobile apps (sponsor)

Build and deploy mobile apps to iOS, Android, and as PWAs with no mobile expertise—all you need is JS and SQL. Retool Mobile is the fastest way for developers to build business apps for teams on the go, at a warehouse, or in the field. And now teams of up to 5 users can build mobile apps for free.

Could deep boreholes solve our nuclear waste problem?

Small bore holes could provide an alternative to centralized waste repositories.

AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D Review - Best of Both Worlds

The Ryzen 9 7950X3D is the spearhead of the AMD Zen 4 X3D lineup. In our performance review we test AMD's new 16-core flagship with dozens of applications and 14 games at up to 4K, to see whether AMD can take the performance crown from Intel, how power consumption is affected, and what can be expected from overclocking.

LastPass says DevOps engineer’s hacked computer led to security breach in 2022

The popular password manager LastPass faced a major attack last year that compromised sensitive data of its users, including passwords. Back in December, the company shared a statement confirming that attackers obtained such data and that users should change their passwords. Now LastPass has revealed that the incident was caused by credentials stolen from a DevOps engineer.

The E-Ink Badge: The Coolest Badge You Didn't Know You Needed

Tired of boring badges that just blend in with the crowd? You want to show off your quirky personality and love of retro technology? You are looking for a fun project to bond with your engineering team? Look no further than the programmable e-ink badge.

Hackers Claim They Breached T-Mobile More Than 100 Times in 2022

Three different cybercriminal groups claimed access to internal networks at communications giant T-Mobile in more than 100 separate incidents throughout 2022, new data suggests. In each case, the goal of the attackers was the same.


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