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#185 – February 28, 2023

Stanford professor: Mass tech layoffs caused by 'social contagion'

Many companies blame their mass layoffs on an economic downturn, but Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer says simple copycat behavior is also at play.

Made for API-first companies (sponsor)

Treblle is an API observability platform that helps API-first companies build, ship, and maintain REST-based APIs faster. Monitor and analyze your APIs with ease & make data-driven decisions faster. Realize the potential value of your APIs as business accelerators. In one place you get API monitoring, auto-generated API docs, API analytics, and an API score that helps benchmark your APIs.

The Camera Shy Hoodie

A DIY wearable for avoiding recognition on IR security cameras.

Tech’s hottest new job: AI whisperer. No coding required.

Proponents of the growing field argue that the early weirdness of AI chatbots can be avoided by a human giving the machine all the right instructions.

Meta unveils a new large language model that can run on a single GPU

LLaMA-13B reportedly outperforms ChatGPT-like tech despite being 10x smaller.


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