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#184 – February 27, 2023

Nokia launches DIY repairable budget Android phone

Nokia G22 has removable back and standard screws allowing battery swap in less than five minutes at home.

REM Sleep Is Magical. Here’s What the Experts Know

Dreaming, memory-making, problem-solving: A lot happens during the most active sleep phase.

How Much Land Would It Require To Get Most Of Our Electricity From Wind & Solar?

Critics of wind and solar routinely raise concerns about how much land would be required to decarbonize the US power sector. Fortunately, the answer is relatively little. A recent National Renewable Energy Laboratory study shows that it would take less than 1 percent of the land in the Lower 48.

Students unravel ninja technology in device used for eavesdropping

High school students here have figured out the mechanisms of a medieval eavesdropping device that was among the most important tools for ninja on espionage missions.

Papercraft Model of Old Computers

Construct the computer from your childhood or build an entire computer museum at home with these paper models, free to download and share. Print, Cut, Score, Fold and Glue.


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