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#181 – February 22, 2023

Forget Milk and Eggs: Supermarkets Are Having a Fire Sale on Data About You

When you use supermarket discount cards, you are sharing much more than what is in your cart—and grocery chains like Kroger are reaping huge profits selling this data to brands and advertisers.

Get SOC 2 Compliant in Weeks, Not Months (sponsor)

Secureframe makes it fast and easy to get SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI & GDPR compliant. With guided workflows and one-click integrations, the entire process is automated. Get compliant in weeks—not months—so you can focus on growing your business and revenue. Join thousands of happy Secureframe customers and book a demo today!

Google Chrome improves battery and memory optimization

Memory Saver and Energy Saver modes pause unnecessary background tasks, and are now available on Chrome 110.

A Multi-Year Challenge: Repairing Deep Linking & Attribution at Spotify

Deep linking and attribution are important functionalities for a growing business. Deep links seamlessly get you to the content you want in the app.

We stand to save $7m over five years from our cloud exit

Since declaring our intention to leave the cloud in October, we've been busy at work making it so. After a brief detour down a blind alley with an enterprise Kubernetes provider, we found our stride building our own tools, and successfully moved the first small application out of the cloud a few weeks ago.

On replacing my MacBook Air M1 with a Thinkpad T480

In which you probably wonder, but …why?


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