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#160 – January 20, 2023

These Gorgeous Photos Capture Life Inside a Drop of Seawater

A passion for the infinitesimal leads a photographer to discover the countless creatures that live unseen in the ocean.

The $2 Per Hour Workers Who Made ChatGPT Safer

A TIME investigation reveals the difficult conditions faced by the workers who made ChatGPT possible.

Cloud Spend Breakdown

37Signals released a detailed breakdown of their cloud spend for 2022. DHH reignited a discussion of cloud repatriation last October. While 37Signals is an atypical company in many ways, the rationale and data provide an interesting data point for a mature company at mid-scale.

Scientists Have Developed a Living “Bio-Solar Cell” That Runs on Photosynthesis

Plants are often thought of as sources of food, oxygen, and decoration, but not as a source of electricity. However, scientists have discovered that by harnessing the natural transport of electrons within plant cells, it is possible to generate electricity as part of a green, biological solar cell.

The Art of Knowing When to Quit

Writing about the big beautiful mess that is making things for the world wide web.

Looming Twitter interest payment leaves Musk with unpalatable options

Purchased for $44 billion, company is likely worth as little as $15 billion today.


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