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#159 – January 18, 2023

How Nvidia’s CUDA Monopoly In Machine Learning Is Breaking

Over the last decade, the landscape of machine learning software development has undergone significant changes. Many frameworks have come and gone, but most have relied heavily on leveraging Nvidia's CUDA and performed best on Nvidia GPUs. However, with the arrival of PyTorch 2.0 and OpenAI's Triton, Nvidia's dominant position in this field, mainly due to its software moat, is being disrupted.

CAMM: The future of laptop memory has arrived

The CAMM Common Spec module should replace the aging SO-DIMM module as early as next year in some laptops.

How heat pumps of the 1800s are becoming the technology of the future

Innovative thinking has done away with problems that long dogged the electric devices — and both scientists and environmentalists are excited about the possibilities.

Tesla video promoting self-driving was staged, engineer testifies

A 2016 video that Tesla used to promote its self-driving technology was staged to show capabilities like stopping at a red light and accelerating at a green light that the system did not have, according to testimony by a senior engineer.

Microsoft to cut thousands of jobs across divisions

Microsoft plans to cut thousands of jobs with some roles expected to be eliminated in human resources and engineering divisions, according to media reports on Tuesday.


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