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#157 – January 16, 2023

The Inner Beauty of Basic Electronics

Eric Schlaepfer was trying to fix a broken piece of test equipment when he came across the cause of the problem—a troubled tantalum capacitor. The component had somehow shorted out, and he wanted to know why.

Meet Swimm: a documentation tool built for developers (sponsor)

Let’s be honest, code documentation has a bad rep. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Swimm, you can easily create documentation containing code that updates automatically as you make changes to your codebase.

Four Thousand Weeks

A tribute to the book by Oliver Burkeman, an exploration of time management in the face of human finitude, and addressing the anxiety of “getting everything done.”

CircleCI says hackers stole encryption keys and customers' secrets

In a post-mortem, CircleCi blamed malware stole an employee's session token allowing intruders to access customer data.

Stripe clawed back pension contributions after staff cuts

Collison brothers’ ecommerce unicorn continues to cut value of shares in face of tech sector shrinkage


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