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#129 – November 23, 2022

Amazon's Distributed Computing Manifesto

The document itself, which you can (and should!) read in full over on Werner's blog is both something of a time capsule, and surprisingly relevant to many of the systems architecture debates going on today, and the challenges that nearly all growing architectures inevitably face.

Why Twitter Didn’t Go Down: From a Real Twitter SRE

Twitter supposedly lost around 80% of its work force. What ever the real number is, there are whole teams with out engineers on it now. Yet, the website goes on and the tweets keep coming. This left a lot wondering what exactly was going on with all those engineers and made it seem like it was all just bloat. I’d like to explain my little corner of Twitter (though it wasn’t

Self Hosting a Google Maps Alternative with OpenStreetMap

No, it's not! Google Maps is probably the most amazing service we get for free1 It's something I use almost every day and is incredibly useful for getting around.

Improving Firefox stability with this one weird trick

Poorly behaving web pages and apps are no longer capable of crashing the browser by exhausting memory, thanks to a simple trick.


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