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#123 – November 15, 2022

When We All Have Pocket Telephones

Much has been said lately about jokes that 'haven't aged well.' Sometimes it has do to with shifting public sensibilities, and sometimes with a gag's exaggeration having been surpassed by the facts of life.

The 'world's largest floating wind farm' produces its first power

While wind is a renewable energy source, Hywind Tampen will be used to help power operations at oil and gas fields in the North Sea.

Crypto Exchange AAX Suspends Withdrawals as FTX Failure Reverberates

The Hong Kong-based exchange blamed the suspension, which could last as long as 10 days, on a third-party failure.

The Seven Levels of Busy

Level 1: My schedule is wide open. I can choose infinite paths. Zero commitments. The weekend. I sleep like a baby. Life is good, but am I living my best life?

Performance Optimizations Can Have Unexpectedly Large Effects When Combined With Caches

This post is about a non-obvious interaction between performance optimizations and LRU/time limited caching.


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