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#122 – November 14, 2022

Firstly, apologies for the two campaigns that I've sent earlier by mistake.

I transitioned to a new publishing system and I'm still struggling to find my feet. On another hand, you've got a glimpse into a weekly React and C# Digest. So if you are a software engineer in those tech stacks you better sign up. 😉😬 (#alwaysbeclosing)

Build Your Own Text Editor

This is an instruction booklet that shows you how to build a text editor in C.

An Inside Look at MS-DOS

The design decisions behind the popular operating system.

Building an e-ink weather display for our home

Building a battery powered e-ink weather forecast display for our home. This was a fun Raspberry PI project.

Heaps has been happening in the crypto world around the Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX downfall but I don't want to make this issue all about that. But you can get going from one of the articles.

You Can Forget About Crypto Now

The industry’s latest meltdown is not like all the rest.

U.S. seeks 15 years for Elizabeth Holmes over Theranos fraud

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes should spend 15 years in prison and pay $800 million in restitution to investors defrauded in the blood testing start-up, U.S. prosecutors recommended late on Friday.


A beautiful toy fidgeting app. It's full of creativity from the early days of the internet.


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