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#118 – November 10, 2022

The Age of PageRank is Over

PageRank generated its results based on the idea that websites that link to other sites would be most valuable if they were based on merit rather than commercial motivation. The web was still young, conceived to be a force for good, sharing, personal expression, and unifying the world.

Disney says it has more streaming customers than Netflix

The media company added 12.1 million Disney+ customers in the most recent quarter, bumping total subscriber base above Netflix.

Why is Rosetta 2 fast?

Rosetta 2 is remarkably fast when compared to other x86-on-ARM emulators. I’ve spent a little time looking at how it works, out of idle curiosity, and found it to be quite unusual, so I figur…

My DIY ergonomic travel workstation with aluminum and magnets

Ever since moving from NYC to SF to work at Anthropic I’ve been visiting NYC and working remotely quite often. So I designed myself a travel workstation that lets me get the best of ergonomics and packability.

Meta lays off 13% of its workforce and lets more than 11,000 employees go

Mark Zuckerberg shares some of the most difficult changes we’ve made in Meta’s history.


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