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#117 – November 09, 2022

“It would be career limiting…"

I spent about 18 months working on a doomed project. For a lot of that time, I thought I was the only one who realized it was doomed.

Decoy Effect

In 2009, The Economist magazine ran an online pricing page with three options.

Scaling PostgresML to 1 Million Requests per Second

Addressing horizontal scalability concerns, we've benchmarked PostgresML and ended up with an incredible 1 million requests per second using commodity hardware.

Just Don’t

Sometimes it’s wrong to begin a phrase with the word “just”. I offer as evidence two such situations.

Undetectable very-low frequency sound increases dancing at a live concert

At an electronic music concert, Cameron et al. manipulated the presence of undetectable very-low frequencies and measured audience members’ movements.

The Principles of Pricing

Monetisation is a topic which in our experience many founders and entrepreneurs under-invest in.


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