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#115 – November 07, 2022

Advice That Actually Worked For Me

I’m a big fan of “advice posts” and productivity guides. A small, but meaningful, upgrade to your daily routine is worth a lot in the long run. So here’s my contribution to the genre.

Advice for Early Career

I get asked for career advice quite a bit. This is written from my perspective - American citizen from a middle class family, with educated parents with blue collar jobs. I’ll endeavor to add to this as I learn more and get more context.

How MDN migrated to Markdown

In 2021, the Open Web Docs team, with help from Mozilla, the W3C, and the wider web docs community, converted the authoring format for MDN Web Docs - all 11,000 pages of it - from HTML to Markdown. In this post we'll talk about why we did it, how we did it, and how it turned out.

This Engineered ‘Superplant’ Cleans Indoor Air Like 30 Regular Plants

The team inserted synthetic metabolic pathways that allow the plant to use these chemicals as carbon sources in its cellular metabolism.


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