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#114 – November 04, 2022

Turmoil at Twitter

Overnight, Twitter has gone from one of the best working environments in tech, to one of the worst. What is happening, and why?

GitHub Copilot litigation

Today, we’ve filed a class-action law­suit in US fed­eral court in San Fran­cisco, CA on behalf of a pro­posed class of pos­si­bly mil­lions of GitHub users. We are chal­leng­ing the legal­ity of GitHub Copi­lot (and a related prod­uct, OpenAI Codex, which pow­ers Copi­lot). The suit has been filed against a set of defen­dants that includes GitHub, Microsoft (owner of GitHub), and OpenAI.

We Need To Talk About The Bad Sides of Go

This is the second part of a 3-article series. This is a story about the downsides of the Go programming language, the part about it that makes us less productive and our codebases less safe and less maintainable. And about propositions for improvement. 🌟

Why Pfizer’s RSV vaccine success is a big deal, decades in the making

Research on RSV vaccines dragged after a trial in the '60s went tragically wrong.

Sugar Substitutes Surprise

Non-sugar sweeteners have a long and rather tangled history, both chemically and nutritionally.


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