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#112 – November 02, 2022

Chip Design Shifts As Fundamental Laws Run Out Of Steam

Dennard scaling is gone, Amdahl’s Law is reaching its limit, and Moore’s Law is becoming difficult and expensive to follow, particularly as power and performance benefits diminish. And while none of that has reduced opportunities for much faster, lower-power chips, it has significantly shifted the dynamics for their design and manufacturing.

Guilt And Flexible Working Hours

This may sound silly to some, but lately, I’ve been feeling a bit guilty. Guilty because I’ve not been a good lad and crunched those hours as well as I could have, according to the imposed numbers on my contract.

Meta Myths

Meta deserves a bit of a discount off of its recent highs, but a number of myths about its business have caused the market to over-react.

Housing in Tokyo is far Cheaper and More Spacious Than you Think

It's mythbusting time! The world's richest and largest city is cheaper and roomier than you think.

NASA Finds More Than 50 Super-Emitters of Methane

While mapping minerals in Earth’s deserts, the agency's new detector on the ISS spotted massive contributors to climate change


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