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#111 – November 01, 2022

Road to Artificial General Intelligence

In the early days of artificial intelligence, the field was defined by a single goal: to build a machine that could think and behave like a human. We call that AGI, or artificial general intelligence, and it’s humanity’s final tech frontier. In the 70+ years since the field’s inception, we have made tremendous progress. We can now build machines that can beat humans at specific tasks like playing chess or go, and we are starting to see machines that can learn to perform multiple tasks.

Grabby Aliens – a simple model by Robin Hanson

Advanced aliens really are out there, and we have enough data to say roughly where they are in space and time, and when we will see or meet them.

Elon Musk wastes no time changing Twitter

On his first day, Twitter’s new ‘Chief Twit’ quietly changed the homepage to send a message.

Wii U Architecture

Already faced with the difficult challenge of replicating the triumph of the Wii, Nintendo’s new product also needed to save its loyal customers from the temptation of cheap smartphones and tablets. The result was a console that combines radical innovation with cost-effectiveness. In there, users found imaginative interaction methods while developers had to deal with the legacy technology underneath them.

Facebook's Culture Book (2012)

When Facebook hit one billion users in 2012, it started leaving little red books on everyone's desk. These books contained stylized graphics of the company's culture and what it aspired to. It's an interesting snapshot of Mark's thinking at the time and interesting to reflect on today, especially since the company is at an important crossroads.


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