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Daily Tech

September 28, 2022

Someone is pretending to be me

One random day - someone spills the beans. They were picked to impersonate me and get a job using my information.

A history of ARM, part 1: Building the first chip

In 1983, Acorn Computers needed a CPU. So 10 people built one.

A Vibe Shift is Underway in Silicon Valley as the Allure of Big Tech Fades

Growing fears of a recession, declining worker leverage, and a pullback on the lavish perks have diminished the allure of Silicon Valley.

NASA just crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid to see what would happen

A NASA spacecraft slammed into the surface of a distant asteroid at 7:14PM ET on Monday night, the climax of the agency’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART).

Netflix is building its own game studio

Netflix is no longer relying exclusively on third-party teams to bolster its game catalog. The streaming giant is forming an in-house game studio in Helsinki, Finland to create "world-class" original games without ads or in-app purchases. While it's too soon for details of the games themselves, Zynga and EA alumnus Marko Lastikka will serve as director.

Microsoft Kin —The Billion Dollar Smartphone Disaster

Let's take a closer look at Microsoft's failed attempt at building a hip new phone line for teens.

It sure looks like we’re getting new MacBook Pros in October

A new report corroborates previous rumors that new MacBook Pro models will hit shelves in Q4 of this year.